The Penitent and the Putrid T-shirt

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ボディカラー : ブラック
プリントカラー : ホワイト
素材 : 綿100%

・Unisex clothing
サイズスペック (cm)
6.2 oz
[M] 身丈 : 68 身幅 : 52 肩幅 : 46 袖丈 : 22
[L] 身丈 : 72 身幅 : 55 肩幅 : 50 袖丈 : 22
[XL] 身丈 : 75 身幅 : 60 肩幅 : 55 袖丈 : 23
[XXL] 身丈 : 80 身幅 : 65 肩幅 : 59 袖丈 : 26



背面にはTシャツの名前である『THE PENITENT AND THE PUTRID』をブルータルな文字デザインでプリント。

『Gluttonous Slaughter(グラトナス・スローター)』


Brutal Death Clothing is all artwork by Toshihiro Egawa.

A huge "being" crowned like a pope welcomes new believers, while the deceased believers cannibalize each other or fall down and are laid under the huge being. At the back of the image are those who have chosen to die and have been strangled to death. This huge "being" and those who are dying are a clear representation of contemporary authority and power and those who follow or fight against it, as well as the meaning of the domination of the social system that forces human beings to follow standardization through what Foucault called "invisible power. There is a social structure that we humans, being human, cannot escape, and which is neither good nor evil. It is depicted as an irredeemable and merciless composition of those who obey, those who choose to die, and those who are themselves swallowed up or assimilated by a gigantic entity.

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¥4,900 tax included